Customs Clearance

Our services includes

– Assistance in transportation arrangements from the vendor in the country of origin, to your door suggestions regarding packing and labeling
– Placing cargo insurance on your purchase to protect your interests  in case of loss, damage, or pilferage
Ensuring that you are aware of Customs regulations regarding  marking and other important facts that may affect your merchandise  when it is imported or exported
– Classifying your merchandise and maintaining knowledge of  changes in classification practices that could affect the duties  applicable to the shipment
– Analyzing your import program to determine costs of packing,    transport, entry, and delivery to yourself or your customers
Providing ongoing consultations to improve and simplify your  importing program
– Our highly trained and motivated staffs have analysis skills for  deciding the best method and price  for transporting goods, and good  organizational ability in order to carry it out. You can be rest  assured  that you are in safe hands. Relax, Ethio Port Logistic Solution Plc.